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Denizen of the southwest, college employee, ASU graduate student, unofficial student of Edu Tech; focused on family...tentatively enthralled by everything else.

Prelude to a Reboot

I received my diploma in the mail yesterday and this has prompted me to clear my throat, in a manner of speaking. Since November 2013, when I began my descent into the valley that would become my masters applied project … Continue reading

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Not Enough Yellow

DS106 Daily Create assignment in photography (#673 for 11/11/13). Details: Bonnard said, “You can never have too much yellow.” Prove it in a photograph. Learn more about Bonnard’s reasoning with his painting of The Yellow Boat (from the Tate). For this Create, I … Continue reading

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I recently discovered Laura Pasquini’s blog when I was directed to her post regarding Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo). I particularly liked her selected graphic on the creative process which should in no way be construed as a confession regarding my own creative … Continue reading

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Emergence Eventually

Every once in awhile I take a moment to reflect on the ubiquity of cameras. They are everywhere as stand-alone devices, but they are also embedded in our phones, they rest on our computer monitors… even when we wait in … Continue reading

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Arriving at a Conclusion

When I read the Daily Create assignment (#632) for today, one of my initial thoughts was that I wanted to resist the temptation for using digital media. I was instead moved to create something physical/tangible (and perhaps photograph or scan … Continue reading

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Documenting Learning

I am “dropping in” once again to the DS106 community and getting settled…in a running-to-catch-up sort of way. I know that within this open, creative community there is no judgment about “being behind” or “needing to catch up” but there … Continue reading

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Submitted Four Your Consideration

Ever since I heard about the One Story/Four Icons design assignment I wanted to try it out. For this week, I’m taking a stab at it. I learned about the Noun Project from @IamTalkyTina via her blog post of the … Continue reading

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TV Guide Makeover

Tonight I dipped into the DS106 Assignment Bank to complete my first assignment, in this case Writing Assignment 722, TV Guide Remix. I thought this was respectable low-hanging fruit for The Twilight Zone episodes we are considering this week and … Continue reading

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