Submitted Four Your Consideration

Eye of Beholder 4 Icon Challenge

The One Story/Four Icons challenge for an unspecified episode of The Twilight Zone.

Ever since I heard about the One Story/Four Icons design assignment I wanted to try it out. For this week, I’m taking a stab at it. I learned about the Noun Project from @IamTalkyTina via her blog post of the same design assignment. I learned about the site/community, registered for an account and started searchin’ for just the right images, resolved to make my own icons if I couldn’t quite get what I needed. After some give and take, between discovering icons and reconsidering how to capture the essence of The Twilight Zone episode I wanted to represent, I got what I needed. I do not have and SVG viewing/editing tool so I simply captured the icon images from the browser using the Microsoft Windows 7 Snipping Tool and pasting them into a canvas in Microsoft Publisher. I removed the gray background by dialing up the contrast to +40% and then — just to be different — shifted from all black icons to progressively darker gray icons, the last being black. I offset the whole mess with accent lines above and below.

You may leave your guess as a comment below… but you only get 11 tries.

Gratefully acknowledging use of the following icons:

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